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  Welcome to Dún Laoghaire On-line - Dublin's Riviera

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Welcome to the Dún Laoghaire Online homepage. Dún Laoghaire is a town on the east coast of Ireland, about seven miles (11km) south of the capital Dublin. Its focal point is a splendid harbour and the town is surrounded by spectacular rolling hills. There's lots to do and a wide range of top quality accommodation, services and amenities on the doorstep. Its easy access to Dublin city and transport links nationwide makes it an ideal place to begin or end your journey through the Emerald Isle.

Historically Dún Laoghaire has always been a 'Gateway to Ireland', Dún Laoghaire gets its name from the Irish translation Fort (Dún) of Laoghaire. It was once the seat of King Laoghaire, the ancient High King of Ireland before the Vikings sailed from Scandinavia and established themselves in Dublin.

When the English later arrived in the late 11th century, they renamed the town Dunlary (Dunleary) to suit the English tongue. In 1821 it was renamed Kingstown by King George IV of England to honour his visit to the town that year.

It remained Kingstown through Victorian times until in 1921, one year before the Irish won their independence from Britain, when the town council voted to change the name back to the ancient Irish name Dún Laoghaire. The person most responsible for this was the Irish martyr Patrick Moran, who was commemorated with the naming of Moran Park.

A town with a rich and complex heritage, its very name has often led to some confusion, which persists to this day - it is often spelled without a space between the two words, Dunlaoghaire, or even Dun Laoire, but its most common form is Dun Laoghaire.

This page has been designed with local people in mind, but also extends a warm welcome to browsers from around the world. It offers instant access to the world wide web via the excellent Google directory and search engine, and provides the best and most up to date source of local business, recreational and travel information for the greater Dún Laoghaire area, in the past often referred to as 'Dublin's Riviera' due to the spectacular landscape, but today its better known as 'Dublin Bay's Cultural and Leisure Waterfront Experience'.

This site was originally created in 1996 as a hobby by motorcyclist enthusiast with some time on his hands. His keen sense of all the web's communication potential, as well as the poor presence his hometown had on the web, he designed the site to be, as it is now, a gathering point for local businesses to get exposure and a communication resource for visitors and locals who wish to know about our community.

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